Composer, Conductor, Pianist




"The Young Woman and Fear" for narrator and orchestra.

"Anno Domini" oratorio for orchestra, choir and soloists.

"Iraja e Urupiara" ballet suite for orchestra.

"Amazonia" for symphonic orchestra.

"Serenade for Strings" for string orchestra.

"Missa Gloria" for SSAATTBB choir, wind quintet, and timpani.
"Missa Brevis"
for mixed choir a capella.
"Mass in Thanksgiving" for mixed choir, soloists and orchestra.


Concerto for Tuba and orchestra.


Chamber Music

"The Lake and the Moon" for Horn and Piano.

"Ciranda" for Oboe and Guitar.
"Sounds of Spring
" for Flute and Piano.

"Welcome to the Circus!" for Violin, Clarinet and Piano.

"Paean" for mixed sextet. Finalist, The American Prize, Chamber Music category.

"Wind Trio: Or What You Will" for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon.

"Reflections" for mixed sextet.

"Seresta No II" for string quartet.

"Mar-Areia-Pedra-Sol" for wind quartet.
"Trio" for Oboe, Violoncello and Piano. 

"Percussion for Four" for percussion quartet.

"Music for Three" for two clarinets and bassoon.
"Klarinettenquintett" for clarinet and string quartet.

"Alta Trinita Beata" for mixed choir, horn and piano.
"Sub Tuum Praesidium" for SATB choir, flute, strings and piano.
"Sub Tuum Praesidium" for two part choir, flute and piano.
"There Is No Rose" for mixed choir and orchestra.
Semifinalist, The American Prize, Choral Music category.
"Gabriel's Song" for alto solo, mixed choir and orchestra.
"The Fasting that I Wish" for mixed choir and string quartet.
"I Walked December" for mixed choir.



"Deus Noster" (St Patrick's Creed) for medium voice and piano.

"Salve Regina" for high voice and piano, or medium voice and orchestra.

"Drei Eichendorff Lieder" for medium voice and piano.

"O Navio Negreiro" (The Slave Ship) for high voice and piano.


"Marimba Moods" for marimba solo.

"Elegy in Z" for guitar solo.

"Seresta No.1" for piano solo.

"Toccata" for organ solo.

Out of print recordings (tracks):

Klasse Bruno Liberda (mini CD)
"Meteors",  electronic music.

Vienna School Act '86 (LP)
"A Happy Ending Story",  for flute and piano.
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